Dogusan Technical Textile®️, is a Turkish family-owned company with a strong tradition, renowned worldwide in the field of technical textiles.

Starting production with cotton fabric in 1957, Dogusan Technical Textile®️ now operates on a 40-acre facility with an annual production capacity of 42,000,000 square meters of PVC coated canvas, servicing customers in over 80 countries.

Specializing in technical coated textiles that can be used in various innovative applications such as truck tarpaulins, general-purpose tarpaulins, stadium roofs, facade claddings, pool covers, inflatable boats, sun protection applications, tents, top containers, and advertising tarpaulins.

Investing in R&D and P&D , Dogusan Technical Textile®️ continually improves its existing products and explores new application areas. It stands as an industry leader with its DOGUTEX®️, DOGUPRINT®️, DOGUSTORE®️, DOGUBOAT®️, BIOTARP®️, and FİLLİ BRANDA®️ brands, ensuring the high quality of its products.


To contribute to the increase of welfare by producing solutions that will add value to human life in all geographies where we operate with our talents and energy.


To grow 4 times in 4 continents in 2024 with our experience from 1957 by adding value to every life we ​​touch in every field we operate, with our reliable teams powered by our innovation-oriented entrepreneurial spirit.


Our company increases its production capacity in line with the demands from you. As Doğusan Tekstil, one of our goals is to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront by producing quality products.


Experience since 1957


PVC coated tarpaulin production since 1997


Export to more than 80 countries


Our target is to grow 4 times in 4 continents in 2024